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Make delicious tamarind (Imli) rice with our PRIYAs Pulihora Paste in the authentic & traditional South Indian flavor, tangy and spicy tasty rice meal in minutes. Pulihora rice is a famous south Indian dish common in every kitchen. It is liked by everyone for its tangy taste. With this paste, make this delicious and yummy pulihora rice in an instant at home. All the ingredients are mixed in properly balanced amounts to give you the real taste of the Indian tradition of pickles.

Ingredients: Tamarind Extract, Iodized Salt, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Green Chillies, Sugar, Black Gram lentils, Bengal gram lentils, Turmeric Powder, Mustard Seeds, Dry Red Chillies, Curry Leaves, and Asafoetida.


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Priya Red chilli paste - 300g

Priya Red chilli paste is made with the high-quality red chillies of Indian farms. Fresh red chillies are picked and made into a paste with necessary ingredients in proper amounts for the traditional taste. Add this paste to various dishes for giving them a spice twist and mouth-watering taste. Turn your vegetable it meat dishes more interesting with this paste.

Ingredients: Red chillies, salt, refined rice bran oil, citric acid, and acetic acid.

Aachi Garlic Rasam Paste -...
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Aachi Garlic Rasam Paste - 375g

A spicy, tangy, and hot appetizer made from garlic rasam paste, tamarind, black pepper, and lentils. The South Indian dish is a must in every meal, and rightly so for the distinct flavors, it brings to the table. Keep alive the traditional flavors with garlic rasam paste with the real garlic. Garlic rasam is best enjoyed when served with steamed rice, papad, poriyal, and delicious chutney. Try it during winter and see how your body heats up from inside!

Ingredients: Garlic pieces, Chilli Powder, Spice mixes.

Sakthi Tamarind Rice Powder...
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Sakthi Tamarind Rice Powder - 200gms

Make tangy and flavorful Tamarind Rice in minutes at home with Sakthi Tamarind Rice powder. This powder is made with all-natural ingredients. It is a fine blend of spices in balanced amounts. It will help you to make tasty and tangy tamarind rice easily.

RECIPE: Boil 1/2 kg (1.1 lbs) rice. Fry mustard seeds, onion, red chilli, curry leaf in edible oil. Add boiled rice, 50g Sakthi Tamarind rice powder, and mix well. Now tasty tamarind rice is ready to serve.

Ingredients: Tamarind, Salt Below 20%, Peanuts, Gram Dal, Chilly, Black Gram Dal, Coriander, Sesame Seed, Fenugreek, Mustard, Lemon, Salt, Curry leaves, Refined Peanuts Oil.

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Priya Red Chilli Pickle -...
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Priya Red Chilli Pickle - 300gms

Priya’s Red Chilli Pickle is a delicious pickle reminding of the red-hot Andhra chillies that are unmatched in their pungency and hot taste, yet make any meal exciting. The lingering taste of this spicy pickle will leave your mouth watering all day! Available with Garlic & Without Garlic. It is best served with hot rice. It has that dash of natural spiciness without any added artificial preservatives or chemicals. All the ingredients are mixed in properly balanced amounts to give you the real taste of the Indian tradition of pickles.

Ingredients: Red Chillies Paste, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Iodized Salt, Tamarind Extract, Fenugreek Powder, Turmeric Powder, Mixed Spices, Mustard Seeds, Dry Chillies, Curry Leaves, And Asafoetida.